Introduction to online blackjack

Online blackjack is a thrilling game with many exciting features. The game is basically a card game played among several players against a dealer. It is developed based on the traditional blackjack game played at land-based casinos. With online blackjack, you do not need to visit a physical casino before you can bet. You also get to play the game anytime. This is why online blackjack is becoming the choice of many players. For further studies on online gaming, you can check out

How to play online blackjack

Online blackjack is played among several players against a dealer. The aim of the players is to get a hand that is below 21 and more than that of the dealer. If this two conditions are met in a round, the player wins the round. Generally, the dealer is made to stop playing when his hand is 17 or more. The games start with the dealer sharing two cards to each player and to himself. The cards of the dealer might be concealed or not.

After each player gets a card, they each take a turn to play. For each turn, the players are expected to make moves to beat the dealer and not go bust (go over 21). The player can request another card if he wants to increase his hand. This move is called 'hit'. The player can also decide to do the opposite and stop playing and this refers to 'stand'. In a case of two similar cards, the player can decide to split the cards into two different hands.

Choosing an online casino and variant

There several online casinos out there. It might be hard to tell which one is genuine from the fakes just by looking at their website. This is why you should have a checklist on what to look out for when choosing an online casino to play in. The requirement that should top your list is the licensing. You should check out if the online casino have been licensed to operate a real money casino. Below are other requirements that should make your checklist:

  • Responsive customer service
  • Flexible payment methods
  • Bonuses with achievable wagering requirements

After picking an online casino to choose from and ready to start playing, you will discover that online blackjack comes in different variants. A type you might encounter is the Blackjack switch. This variant allows the player to start the game with two hands. Also, you are allowed to interchange the cards in each hand. This gives the player the opportunity to maximize every card he gets. Other popular blackjack variants are Double exposure blackjack, Spanish 21 and Double attack blackjack

Strategies for winning at online blackjack.

Playing online blackjack is amazing, however, without a proper approach to the game, you might losing in most cases. This is the reason you should have a simple strategy, to begin with, then you can improve it as you become better and there are a few different ways you can improve your opportunity of winning. The first is to quit hitting when you have a hand that is at least 19. Above all, you can practice using the free version provided by the online casino.


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